Mythic Martial Arts Kickboxing, Taekwondo Grading weeks

Last two weeks has been the busiest week for Mythic Martial Arts. We have over 50 members be promoted to the next Colour belt in both disciplines. Out of 50 people, there are 4 new black belts in Kickboxing and 3 new 1st Dan, 1 new 2nd Dan black belt student in Taekwondo.

on 4th November, it is a hard 2 hours kickboxing black belt grading only. During the grading, all 4 of the students demonstrate their ability and spirit.

On 11th November, we had a long 3 hours grading for Taekwondo. There are students from White belt to Black Belt, age from 6 years old to 24 years old. It is a big challenge for both coach and student. In the end, we all did well. Over 100 wood board breaking gives the grading an exciting finish. Congratulation to all the student who successfully achieved their next colour belt. A big congratulation to the newest black belt and 2nd Dan Holder.


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