A Great Martial Arts inter club in Plymouth! Congratulation to all winners

Mythic Martial Arts Plymouth organized a martial arts interclub competition on 2nd December 2018 in Plymouth Martial Arts Centre.

It aims to give all the participator a great experience in Semi-contact Kickboxing competition style and give them more knowledge and chance to challenge and improve themselves.

Over 30 students took part in this event and make it really successfully. 3 hours without break, all the coaches in mythic martial arts delivered a high standard martial arts event. every fight is on schedule as estimated.

We had just under 50 fights in total include 15 ranking fighters.

After at least 3 fights, Molly earned the first place out of all the competitors

Savannah earned her second place out of all the competitors


Thanks to all our member and their family’s support! WIthout that, we can not make the event happen! We are looking forward to having the next one in early next year.

Here is the highlight from our event. Enjoy!

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